Solutions for Smarter Houses

A service history and secure information storage for your home and property




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Keep Information Safe

HAPS securely stores everything important about your home and property for you, accessed easily from any device.

Add Value

HAPS adds value to your home and property with a service history of all repairs and projects completed over time.


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Our Services

Personalised home management app

+ options:

(1) Book a Maintenance Inspection,

(2) Hire an Action Manager

Our App

Get HAPS for home management options with an app to securely store all the information about your home or property.

Solutions for People


Thinking of Selling?

Increase your home or property’s value.


Concerned about Insurance Cover?

Prove the value of your property and possessions.

Property Investor?

Manage your investment portfolio with HAPS.

Future Focused

HAPS provides solutions to make owning a home or property easier:








Smart Solutions

HAPS stores important information about your home in one place:

Keep before and after photos, as well as warranties, permits, and owner manuals, etc.

Track actual costs for future tax planning and your tax basis for future re-sale.

Automatically update your home inventory and home maintenance schedules.

Never forget what needs to get done with email reminders and online alerts.


Solutions for Houses


Maintenance Inspection

HAPS recommends an independent maintenance inspection by one of our qualified maintenance inspectors for a good understanding of maintenance issues, and helpful advice about how to action these jobs.

Action Managers

HAPS recommends action managers to help with projects or organising tasks around your home or property that you don’t have the time to complete or organise yourself.


HAPS makes owning a home or property simple.

“Angela Howell and Liesel Mitchell noticed how cloud-based software provided by the likes of Xero was making life easier for business-owners, and felt something similar could help homeowners to manage their homes”

Rob Stock

“HAPS was a service history and secure information storage for homes and property that enabled users to store and access their home and property information with any of their devices from secure cloud infrastructure.”

Sally Rae

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