About HAPS

HAPS started in December 2017, after conversations over coffee about smarter ways to manage homes & property.


Petridish (in the heart of Dunedin’s vibrant warehouse precinct) is where you can find HAPS director Angela Howell.

Angela loves a challenge and is a self-made success story. She has a degree in languages, and extensive business experience, including starting up and later selling her own successful business in the UK. Angela sees the big picture and knows how to get there.

HAPS Partners

Collaborating with others is key to success.

HAPS Advisors

HAPS couldn’t do what it does without the HAPS advisors. Our team of three advisors attend our monthly board meetings and provide objective input.

Solution Partners

HAPS has partnered with HomeZada, an established home management company, to bring you an app where you can store all your important home information.


The HomeZada-HAPS partnership provides smart solutions for home & property owners who want to:

  • organise and itemise all personal belongings and fixed chattels
  • keep home and property maintenance up-to-date
  • manage the usual wear and tear on a home or property
  • add value by creating a service record of everything you need to know about your home or property
  • feel in control when you know you can prove your home or property is well maintained

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