So what is so tricky about popping a button back in on a fuse box?  That is the $112 question. Recently a partner of HAPS, who is a residential landlord, shared a story with us which encapsulates the difference between generations and the DIY “dream”.

I have postulated before that our notion of maintaining our home is rooted in the nostalgia of our grandparents generation, when people had the time, the skills and the tools to keep their own homes in good condition. Even when I was a student (granted that was in the 20th century!), we had old houses with old fashioned fuse boxes which required fuse wire to be reinserted when the fuse blew. But nowadays, when the only thing that is required is to open the door of the fuse box, locate the button which has popped out and push it back in, this seems to elude many of our younger tenants.

So, our colleague who lives abroad, received an email from his tenants letting him know that there was no power to the sockets, rangehood, microwave or dishwasher in the kitchen. Their landlord wrote back and said that it sounded like a popped circuit, and advised them how to open the door of the fuse box, locate the button which has popped out and push it back in. for whatever reason, this was not done, and an electrician was called to do this very basic task. This begs the question, why did the tenants not do this themselves? Surely they were inconvenienced by these appliances and sockets not working? I don’t have any answers, except maybe if it were their money, they may have been a little more engaged… but then it’s not certain. This example encapsulates for me the difference between generations. There is a progressive lack of interest in having basic skills to manage your home. This seems all the more reason for younger homeowners to use an online system to keep track of what needs to be done/ what has been done irrespective of who does it. It’s time to get with the haps