Q. Who is HAPS for?

A. If you own a property, then HAPS is for you! Whether it’s your family home, or you own several properties, HAPS helps you keep on top of maintaining and organising your valuable asset(s). HAPS is flexible enough to be used by home and property owners who manage all their own maintenance but want an easy way to keep track of tasks, budgets, projects etc. It’s also perfect for home and property owners at the other end of the spectrum with busy schedules and juggling priorities, who want the whole job outsourced and recorded.

Q. Can I have more than one home registered with HAPS?

A. Of course. We expect that property investors will see the value of a managed record of home maintenance and inventory of all chattels.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Annual subscriptions are $119 (including GST) per year, or easy monthly payments of $11.99.  Any additional costs depend on whether or not you elect to use HAPS services or DIY it all. These prices may change or be updated.

Q. Do I get a discounted rate for signing up for a second year?

A. Yes. We anticipate that second and subsequent years will be cheaper (approx. $100 including GST) , subject to currency fluctuations and HomeZada’s licence fees.

Q. Why would I sign up to HAPS and not just sign up with HomeZada directly?

A. HAPS offers the NZ customer the additional services and support of action managers and maintenance inspectors.

Q. What is a maintenance inspection?

A. The maintenance inspection covers what your property has (such as gas water heating, wood cladding, concrete tile roof etc), and  recommended tasks for each component. This generates a schedule of maintenance, which, if you follow, will maintain or improve the condition of your property, reducing the risk of costly repairs.

Q. How do I book a maintenance inspection?

To book a HAPS maintenance inspection, email us at haps@haps.nz

Q. How often does the maintenance inspector come over?

A. The schedule of maintenance inspections is completely up to you. We recommend an independent inspection upon signing up, but if you have the skills yourself, or have a mate or family member who can do it, you can populate the maintenance schedule yourself.

Q.What are action managers?

A. Action managers are available to help home and property owners manage any jobs or tasks needing to get done – be it maintenance, inventory organising, or project management. For example, you have a home renovation project underway, and need someone to organise letting in tradespeople during the day. Or you might like an action manager to ring around for quotes and book the job for you. The purpose of action managers are to help make management of your home or property easier, and are booked at an hourly rate.

Q. How do I book an action manager?

To book a HAPS action manager, email us at haps@haps.nz

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