Go on, just do it.

I always thought NIKE was cliched with it’s “Just Do It” branding. But more recently I have realised this is actually an astute tagline that captures something significant about the way humans think and operate. NIKE have summed up the biggest barrier we all face – inaction!

And if I take this one step further, we are good at being extremely busy but how are we prioritising what we put our time, energy and money into? Do we sometimes use our busy lives as an excuse?


When I first started this business, I wanted HAPS to be a service that would make life easier, and let’s be honest, I saw how HAPS could benefit my own busy life as a homeowner. I figured others might be in a similar situation. HAPS is a practical way to create more time and less stress for anyone who owns a home. At the time, I didn’t know that HAPS would also help me realise two things:


  1. We humans ignore a lot of stuff in our lives. Ignorance is bliss, but the unknown also keeps some of us awake at night.
  2. When you stop ignoring things, the fear gets smaller and taking action makes you feel even better.


NIKE already knew this when they first encouraged us to just do it, but even with the rewards that come with a healthy mind and body, how many of us tend to just think about doing it, rather than taking action? I know my hand just went up. That said, since HAPS began, all three HAPS directors have taken a good hard look at some of the things we ignore in our lives – as unpleasant as this might be – and we have taken action. We have used HAPS to make a schedule of things that need doing round the house, and we have even ticked off quite a few of these tasks. Feels great. We have also done things like taking care of our health maintenance – making that dentist appointment (and turning up!), eating healthier, and all of us have joined gyms to focus on getting fitter. If you are going to just do it, you have to start somewhere. Walk the talk, right?


So when you just do it, you start reducing the number of things in your head that you worry about and maybe that in itself is worth the good night’s sleep that follows.