The HAPS story starts in the 1950s of our collective nostalgia.

After the world wars and the great depression in between, the nuclear family was touted as the ideal domestic structure. This married heterosexual couple with their own biological children lived in their freestanding home which they owned Рwith the help of the bank. Dad worked 9-5 and Mum looked after the home and the children.  These families were house proud. Weekends were for home maintenance Рmowing the lawns, painting the fences, cleaning debris from gutterings, trimming hedges and replacing worn tap washers were among the myriad of tasks undertaken by the family.

Fast forward 70 years, and we still seem to hold this notion dear – that we as home owners have the time, the skill and the tools to maintain our homes. There is an underlying sense of obligation wrapped in shame for many of us whose busy lives leave us little time to undertake these tasks. So what has changed so much in the last 70 years? The differences are startling when we examine them in turn. Firstly, household composition – an increase in single person and single parent households. An increase in blended families, with shared custody arrangements across at least 2 families. Two adult households typically both work, who are often available for work enquiries 24/7 via email or phone. Lack of skills passed down from parents to children. Lack of tools. Increased compliance which means there are many tasks which can no longer be done by an uncertified DIYer. Differing priorities with kids sports, weekends away, BMXing, kayaking and various other outdoor pursuits being undertaken by the family.

So, HAPS thinks it might be time to cut ourselves some slack, acknowledge how much our lives have changed over the last 70 years and use a system to manage household maintenance. Get with the HAPS